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Established 1994





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& Residential




Supporting client and patient health related goals

by providing honest, unrushed, superior service

… at realistic prices.







My name is David Bartholomew (Owner/Massage Therapist).

     I have been providing professional therapeutic massage & bodywork services - full time - since 1993. 

     I run my business in the same manner as did the beloved country physician: with knowledge, skill, respect to all, and a willingness to take the needed time with each person / each patient.  

     Over the years, I’ve gleaned a considerable amount of experience; however, I have never lost the ability to acknowledge my professional limitations.


For the safety, comfort and privacy of each patron, MASSAGE & MOVEMENT THERAPY has been located within the same professional office complex (not my home, or in the side room of another business) since 1994.


When asked to describe my work, I simply say, “I provided down-to-earth, hands-on massage & bodywork.  No rocks, sticks or stones.”   


I provide both table & portal site chair sessions.  Each session I provide is in accordance with the client / patient goals. 

     The focus of a client / patient’s session can range from pure relaxation, to injury prevention, to soft tissue rehabilitative bodywork. 

     My specialty is found within the later: Orthopedic Massage. (Soft tissue is defined as: muscle, tendon, ligament and fascia). 


At MASSAGE & MOVEMENT THERAPY (MMT) “deep tissue massage” sessions are provided for various reasons, but – for whatever reason - you won’t exit my clinic feeling “beaten up”, or feeling worse than when you walked in.  I leave the mindless “search & destroy” painful digging to the lesser trained. 

     Yes, I too use to follow that “No Pain, No Gain” philosophy (while growing up, during my entire military career and in early massage professional life) but, no more.   I choose to work smarter, not harder… in order to get results that can last.


What clients have said:

I’ve always enjoyed “the whole spa experience”, but, the truth is… you’re a much, much better therapist.  My suggestion - charge more!  You’re worth it!” 


What patients have said:

“You didn’t beat me up, but yet I can move a lot better!

No soreness lasting 2-3 days after the massage.



A quick look around and you’ll see many businesses that offer “the best massage”, but say nothing about the actual person providing the actual service.  In 1996, the Commonwealth of Virginia felt it was in the consumer’s best interest to know who is touching you; therefore, the state established the minimum educational standards for achieving “state certification as a Massage Therapist”.   Regulations are overseen by the Board of Professionals / Board of Nursing. 

     I’ve posted my background, professional qualifications & specialty certifications, because I feel you have the right to know who is working with you. 

     For your safety, if you wish to verify any professional’s practitioner’s state certification, please click here: VDHP LOOK UPS.   (Find out if he/she is qualified… or not, no matter where they work (i.e. – high end spa, or physician’s office).


No one should have to pay more, and receive less in return.  As it applies to therapeutic massage, if you feel that price is indicative of the practitioner’s skill level, or the quality of service you’re receiving… you may wish to rethink that.


My fees are based solely upon: (1) the skill required to provide a selected service, and (2) session length.  (I don’t charge more for being a “senior therapist”, for clinic ambiance, or for warm towels.)  In short, my fees are realistic, not ridiculous.

     How others establish their fees, well… I simply don’t know.  I’ll let them tell you.  Better yet, let them justify their fees as compared to what I provide at MASSAGE & MOVEMENT THERAPY! 







David Bartholomew, Owner

Board Certified Massage Therapist, #427

WTCS (SW/DV)              U.S.  Navy, Retired

Nationally Certified in Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork

Commonwealth of Virginia - Certified Massage Therapist, #14

Gloucester County Business License: #190


Specialty Certifications:

Orthopedic Massage

Prenatal, Labor & Post-Partum Massage






Helping those

who suffer with:




Fibromyalgia & Chronic Fatigue


Neck Pain

due to:

- Whiplash

- Wry Neck / Stiff Neck / Torticollis

- Cervical Fusion


Thoracic Outlet Syndrome (TOS)


Carpal Tunnel Syndrome




Parkinson’s Disease



Common Injuries

such as:

- Tennis Elbow

- Golfer’s Elbow

- Subscapular Injuries

- Patella Tendon Injuries

- Sprained Ankle

- Achilles Tendon Injuries

- Plantar Fasciitis





Multiple Sclerosis


Muscular Dystrophy


Cerebral Palsy



Low Back Pain

due to or from:

- Spondylolisthesis

- Sciatica



Post-Surgical Pain

such as:

-  Heart By-Pass

- Rotator Cuff

- SLAP tear / lesion

- Knee Replacement

- Arthroscopic Surgery

- Mastectomy

- Breast Augmentation

- Face Lift

- Hip Replacement


















MMT is not a member based club / gym / massage franchise, a health center, or a trendy spa.  We didn’t add massage (services) for the purpose of increasing our gross profit margin, or to help push/sell retail products (health products, franchise branded oils & lotions, creams and such).

     Also, we don’t offer gimmick services (i.e. - detox foot baths, ear candling… etcetera).  We feel they’re not in the best interest of any consumer.  

Last note:  Unlike trendy massage franchises, I don’t have a “membership program”.  I feel you should be able to get my best prices without having to sign a contract; however, I do have a massage patron program where you let me know the days and times you are most available and I will call you to see if you would like to fill an available appointment on short notice for a discounted massage.  The program is available - for free - to anyone wanting to be called. 








Supporting: Mathews, Grafton, Newport News, Middlesex, Essex, King and Queen County, West Point, Williamsburg, Yorktown (York County) & White Stone (Lancaster County)





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