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Gloucester, Virginia            Established 1994



Supporting the goals of both client and the motivated patient

by providing skilled, unrushed, superior service…

at a realistic cost.






        Relaxation - Injury Prevention - Rehabilitation









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Services & Fees

ü   Massage just to Relax / Unwind

ü   Adaptive Massage for the compromised body (i.e. - Geriatric Care, Cancer, Hospice)

ü   Injury Prevention / Sports Massage

ü   Minor (Non-Surgical) Injury Care

ü    Post-Surgical Rehabilitation

ü   Pregnancy & Postpartum Massage

ü   Office / On-Site Chair Massage


ü   Our office / Your office, or residence



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My name is David Bartholomew, and I have had the honor of providing massage & bodywork services - full time - since 1993.  I am BOARD CERTIFED, Nationally Certified and a Virginia State Certified Massage Therapist. 

     I am also the Owner of Massage & Movement Therapy! 


We have only been in one location since our inception… within the professional offices of the Virginia County Real Estate Complex. 

     When I opened the doors of M&MT for commerce in June of 1994, I became the first therapeutic massage small business to receive a Gloucester County business permit (license) and openly provide therapeutic massage & bodywork services to the public.  To learn more, please click here: Local History.


Like most practitioners, I love providing a massage simply for relaxation; yet, my education, skill & experience afford me the ability to seriously provide minor (non-surgical) Soft Tissue complaints (muscle, tendon, ligament and fascia) and Post-Surgical rehabilitation.  I received my specialty certification (Orthopedic Massage) in 2005. 

     Not settling for just being “weekend qualified”, I also earned my certification in Prenatal, Labor and Post-Partum Massage (2001).  Why?  Because if doesn’t matter what your basic training included or what your gender is… one should never assume they “just know”.


Driven by friends with cancer, died from cancer, and myself being a cancer survivor… my skills and understanding also include Oncology Massage. 


To me, the safety of each client/patient is the main priority… not my ego.   I am confident in my abilities, yet I can also acknowledge my limitations.  I won’t boast of qualifications I don’t have, or skills I don’t possess just to grab your attention. 


Like many things today, paying a higher price is not indicative of the quality of service anyone will receive.  Conversely, when it comes “to good to be true” low prices / coupons / specials, it most often is!  

     At Massage & Movement Therapy, my fees are based upon two points: the session time frame and the skill required to provide a specific service.  That’s it!  How others justify their fees… well, that’s up to them. 

     Please feel free to compare my credentials and fees… with anyone!  I think you’ll find we offer you a much higher level of skill & service… for less!


I accept referrals from physicians, other health care professionals and litigators.       Insurance coverage for massage therapy is not easy to work with in Virginia; however, I do see “Workman’s Comp” patients (via physician referral) and cases under litigation (lawyer referrals). 


Today, more and more businesses advertise a multitude of massage services, but little (if anything) is said about actual practitioner who will be providing the service.  Also, corporate & franchised massage storefronts, spas and other large businesses list an additional charge when an “experienced therapist” provides your session, but they never define what is meant by “experienced therapist”.   Personally, I’ve always found that… odd! 

     I believe that the consumer has a right to know who is working with them.  Within this website, my professional qualifications, my advanced / specialty credentials, along with my continuing educational training & work history are readily available for your review and verification. 


In closing, if you are new to the area, or just expect more from a professional massage therapist… please feel free to contact me: 804-815-1291.  

     Rest assured, I will treat you (or yours) as I can only hope to be treated when I receive my massage / bodywork session. 



David Bartholomew

Board Certified Massage Therapist


WTCS (SW/DV)      U.S. Navy, Retired




What will be the reason for your next session?


Reducing Stress



/ Chronic Fatigue


Neck Pain… due to:


Wry neck / Stiff Neck Torticollis



Common Injuries, such as:

Tennis Elbow

Golfer’s Elbow

Subscapular Injurie

Patella Tendon Injuries

Sprained Ankle

Achilles Tendon Injuries

Plantar Fasciitis

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome





Multiple Sclerosis

Muscular Dystrophy


Cerebral Palsy


Bell’s Palsy


Low Back Pain





Post-Surgical Pain, due to:

Cervical Fusion

Heart By-Pass

Hip Replacement

Rotator Cuff Repairs

SLAP tear / lesion

Knee Replacement

Arthroscopic Surgery


Breast Augmentation

Face Lift


Thoracic Outlet Syndrome (TOS)




Parkinson’s Disease






Hospice Support


Quality of Life/Adaptive Massage



Supporting: Mathews, Grafton, Newport News, Middlesex, Essex, King and Queen County, West Point, Williamsburg, Yorktown (York County) & White Stone (Lancaster County)


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