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As it applies to massage therapy, do you feel that paying a higher cost automatically provides you with a skilled therapist?  Today, the truthful answer is (the vast majority of the time)… simply “no”.   Ambiance? Sure!  Ego? Could be!  But, skill and/or experience should never be assumed.  Examples:  Resorts & Day spas. Physician & Chiropractic offices, and multi-therapist massage businesses.

     Now, if you’re the consumer who only expects / wants to receive a relaxing massage (to unwind/relax/renew, using light to moderate to “deep” pressure)…. the good news is almost anyone (trained or untrained) can provide that rudimentary level of service… massage provided as a Personal Care Service.  So, why pay in excess for that basic session (or Christmas gift certificate)? 


Deep tissue session?  First ask yourself, “Could you, or can you tell the difference between the kindhearted practitioner who just pushes harder and digs deeper, and the professionally dedicated therapist who possesses the earned advanced qualifications (not just weekend trained) and has the experience to honestly, truthfully provide you with advanced massage & bodywork services for injury prevention to post-surgical rehabilitation?    FYI:  Deep tissue” is just one of many techniques used within a session.   So, why pay “more” for just a fancy / impressive title name?




I take great pride in the work I provide with each client, or physician referred patient.


At Massage & Movement Therapy, our focus is on supporting your personal and health related goals. We don’t see you and/or your session as just another way to increase the business gross profit margin. 

     We provided a comfortable, safe location to receive skilled, unrushed HANDS-ON professional massage & bodywork services.


 Our fees are realistic and justifiable - not excessive.  Yes, it’s that simple.  





Mission. To treat you (and yours) as I can only hope to be treated when I receive my massage and/or bodywork session.


My choice. Integrity.  To promote, offer and provide only the level of service I can truthfully provide.


Goal.  To offer all my services as did the old county physician to their community: with skill, compassion and in an unrushed manner.  Furthermore, to provide each service at a fair cost / equivalent to service provided.








My name is David Bartholomew, Owner.  I’m a BOARD CERTIFED Massage Therapist, and a certified Orthopedic Massage Specialist.  I’m also certified (not just “trained”) in Prenatal, Labor & Postpartum Massage. 



Services:  At Massage & Movement Therapy, we provide only hands-on therapeutic massage & bodywork services… on two levels: therapeutic massage as a Personal Care Service (using light to deep pressure to simply relax & rejuvenate / renew!), and advanced massage & bodywork used as a HealthCare Service. 


Fees: Fees for the services are based upon (1) the length of your session and (2) the level of skill necessary to meet your therapeutic objective(s).  That’s it!   We feel our fees are fair to the client, patient and to us. 



Outcall services.  I can easily travel (with a massage table, or on-site chair) to Deltaville, White Stone, Kilmarnock, Tappahannock, King & Queen, Mathews, Williamsburg & York County.


·         I also offer “Out of State” services as needed.



I continually advanced my personal and professional education because I want to and not because I have to.  Since 1993, I’ve been a full time massage professional who is committed to supporting the consumer’s health goals... not helping myself to their wallet.  I am a professional who hasn’t forgotten the basics of the massage therapy profession.  


     For your review, I’ve attached a roster / timetable of my academic and clinical training, earned advanced certifications and work experience… here... on this website.  Please, feel free to compare this information to any other business or practitioner you may be thinking of using.






I am a Massage Therapist who is also a consumer of massage & bodywork services.  So yes, I know only too well what it’s like to be on a massage table (as a client/patient) where the attending practitioner simply doesn’t know the basics of their own profession, yet s/he proudly calls their work “deep tissue” (or whatever word/term will gain any consumer’s attention and open a wallet). 


No, I’m not as young, slim / trim (as I use to be), but…I still have a pretty good sense of humor, and my age allows me fully appreciate the everyday aches-n-pains of simply getting old(er). 


I know how it feels to be diagnosed with cancer & to be a cancer survivor.  And yes, I’ve worked with many others as they go thru other life altering illnesses. 

     That being said, I’ve shored up my personal path with professional academic classes & clinical hands-on clinical seminars, such as: TMJ-D (dysfunction), Geriatric Health, Oncology Intensive training, Mastectomy & Healthy Breast Massage.


And with not doubt, I understand only too well the pain associated with occupational and recreational activities.  Being retired military (Special Weapons Tech / Diver), and now a certified Orthopedic Massage Specialist, I use everything I am (personal experience, professional education, tested & proven clinical skills, and years of professional massage experience) to support your rehabilitative health goals.


Safety first, for the mom-to-be & baby too!

     I am also a proud parent, and yes… I was there at my daughter’s birth, but that never stopped me from seeking out and earning professional certification (not just basic school, or weekend training) specifically in Prenatal, Labor & Postpartum Massage.  After all, the gender of your attending therapist’s doesn’t trump professional education and skill.  




In closing, if you feel we can work together… well, let’s get started!  Call:  804-815-1291!






David Bartholomew




Massage Therapist (# 000427)



Virginia CMT(#0014)


The first Small Business

licensed to provided Massage Therapy in Gloucester County, Virginia




Certified - Orthopedic Massage Specialist (2005)



Certified - Prenatal, Labor & Postpartum Massage (2001)



Active Professional Member

American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA, since 1993)




WTCS (SW/DV)            U.S. Navy, Retired


Active Member, Middlesex County Volunteer Rescue Squad (MCVRS)























Are you paying more,

but receiving less in professional therapeutic services?


CLICK HERE to have a realistic understanding as to what you’re probably receiving / paying for right now.




A common problem in the massage profession today is the massage business, therapist or provider offering service(s) they truthfully cannot provide (prime example: massage therapy provided as a HealthCare Service).  However, the good news for these businesses (or individual therapists) is the fact that most therapeutic massage consumers just want to relax; therefore, expectations of their massage and massage therapist are generally low.  But, at what cost did that basic “wonderfully relaxing / rejuvenating massage” with aromatherapy, hot rocks or soothing lotion just cost you? 

     It’s true, trained or untrained, almost anyone (including the family member / close friend) with some experience should be able to provide you with that world-class Personal Care Service massage (they’re simple to provide, and known world-wide to relax & renew the body-mind); however, what I’m specifically talking about is massage therapy used as a HealthCare Service (HANDS-ON sessions for the purpose of preventative health & repetitive stress injury corrective care thru minor injury [non-surgical] to post-surgical rehabilitation services). 


I suggest consumers bypass the ambiguous, abused and costly words / terms… like “deep tissue”, “medical massage”, “senior therapist”, and “therapeutic massage”.  I recommend the client or physician referred patient interview and use a practitioner they feel comfortable with AND who can deliver the skills they promote themselves as having.   Agree?


So, if expect your attending massage therapist to provide you with a high level of skill (not just “ambiance”), and to provide each service at a fair (not excessive) cost, please… read on!