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Welcome to the MASSAGE & MOVEMENT THERAPY (MMT) website!  


My name is David Bartholomew, owner of MMT.  Since 1993, I have been providing professional therapeutic massage & bodywork services to both client and physician referred patients alike. 

     I am a BOARD CERTIFIED Massage Therapist specializing in Orthopedic Massage.  I’ve also earned certification in Prenatal, Labor and Post-partum massage.    


Why Orthopedic Massage?  Because it demands critical (clinical) thinking in order to be proficient (a skill which is rarely taught in a continuing education course).  And, simply put, my on-going education, advanced skill and experience allow me to meet that challenge.  So, where others run after symptoms, I search out the cause / assess the situation via standardized reproducible functional assessment tests (the results of which you can take back to your physician).  Once a potential problem(s) are identified, we will then work together to address the concerns.”  In short, I work smarter not harder.

     Furthermore, I pursued Pregnancy Massage certification because it doesn’t matter if you’re a female or male massage therapist / practitioner… a parent, or not… one never knows enough (and weekend training isn’t enough).


Each session I provide is tailored to the individual.  Some clients just want a basic massage to soothe the body & keep stress at bay.  Many look forward to a relaxing massage, but with emphasis on a “good hurt” to combat and ease those everyday aches and pains we all get experience.  However, the majority of my time is spent supporting individuals whose health has been compromised by a non-surgical / minor soft tissue injury (meaning: muscle, tendon, ligament, or fascia related injuries), or other medical concerns (post-surgical knee replacement, neck & low back surgeries, stroke, heart attacks, etcetera).  


I run my clinic in the same manner as did the old time country physician… unrushed, with a sense of humor & common sense, and professional expertise.  I am confident in my abilities; however, I am also able to acknowledge my professional limitations.

     My fees are based upon: (1) the skill required to provide a selected service, and (2) session length.  Nothing more. 


I don’t see the need to boast about offering the best massage in Gloucester (or Virginia) or being the best massage therapist.  The stark reality is that the results of any massage session will always be subjective by nature. 

     What I will say is that I am grateful to the patrons of Massage & Movement Therapy for allowing me to be in business… full time… supporting their goals for almost 21 year now. 


Unlike the majority of businesses that employ or subcontract massage “therapists, specialists, or practitioners”, I feel it’s only right for the consumer to know who will be attending them and how each business defines their practitioners “experience”; therefore, I’ve posted my professional qualifications, and background here, on this website. 


Gift Certificates?  Yes, we offer Gift Certificates and Money Saver Packages too!


In closing, please feel free to roam around my website.  If you have questions, or you’re simply ready to make your appointment… please call!    


David Bartholomew, Owner

BOARD CERTFIED Massage Therapist, #427

WTCS (SW/DV)              U.S.  Navy, Retired



Nationally Certified in Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork

Commonwealth of Virginia – Professional Board of Nursing, Certified Massage Therapist, #14

Gloucester County Business License: #190


Specialty Certifications:

Orthopedic Massage

Prenatal, Labor & Post-Partum Massage







Supporting: Mathews, Grafton, Newport News, Middlesex, Essex, King and Queen County, West Point, Williamsburg, Yorktown (York County) & White Stone (Lancaster County)





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