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Welcome to the Massage & Movement Therapy website!


There are three undeniable facts in the massage therapy field today: (#1) the profession is filled with kindhearted, compassionate people; (#2) most professional massage therapists “practicing” today are only capable of providing massage therapy services at a Personal Care Service level, and (#3) paying a high(er) cost ANYWHERE for a therapeutic massage services will never be indicative as to the attending practitioner’s actual level of hands-on skill.



Putting bluntly, at Massage & Movement Therapy, we don’t substitute ambiance and a plethora of new age and rudimentary spa level / related services … for academic excellence and hands-on professional expertise.






Mission. To treat you (and yours) as I can only hope to be treated when I receive my massage and/or bodywork session.


Choice. Integrity.  To promote, offer and provide only the level of service I can truthfully provide. 


Goal.  To offer all my services as did the old county physician to their community: with skill, compassion and in an unrushed manner… and at a fair cost.






Fees: At Massage & Movement Therapy, we choose to base our session fees upon only two points: (1) the length of your requested session, and (2) the level of skill necessary to meet your session objective(s).  That’s it!  

     Yes, you can always pay more and receive much less in skilled service almost anywhere else, but… that will have to be your choice.


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Services: Unlike the clear majority of those providing massage services today (spas, chiropractic offices, nationwide massage storefronts and “health” centers) we, at Massage & Movement Therapy, bypasses the misleading (or intentionally skewed) words & termssuch as: “deep tissue”, “experienced”, or “medical massage” to gain your attention, and open your wallet.   After providing therapeutic massage for the past 24 years, full time, I’ll just say I offer massage therapy on two very distinct levels:


(1)         As a Personal Care Service:  Known and provided world-wide.  This rudimentary / general massage session is for the client, or patient who just wants to rest, relax, unwind… renew!  Per the client’s wishes, light to moderate to deep pressure is used to bring calm / relaxation to body-mind… compassionate care.  The integrated experience of the therapist is helpful in this session; however, advanced clinical skills are not required to provide this session.


(2)         As a HealthCare Service (advanced clinical skills… are required of the thinking therapist (not “boastful talk”) to support the pro-active consumer’s health goals). 





I know how it feels to be diagnosed with cancer & to be a cancer survivor.  And yes, I’ve worked with many others (friends, clients and physician referred patients) as they go thru cancer and other life altering illnesses & injuries. 


No, I’m not as young, slim / trim (as I use to be), but…I still have a good sense of humor, and my age allows me to fully appreciate the everyday aches-n-pains of simply getting old(er). 


And with no doubt, I understand only too well the pain associated with occupational and recreational activities.  Being retired military (Special Weapons / Diver), and a certified Orthopedic Massage Specialist, I use everything I am (personal experience, professional education, tested & proven clinical skills, and 23+ years of professional massage experience) to support your rehabilitative health goals.


Safety first, for the mom-to-be & baby too!

     I am a proud parent, and yes… I was there at my daughter’s birth, but that never stopped me from seeking out and earning professional certification (not just “training”) specifically in Prenatal, Labor & Postpartum Massage. 



So, enough talk!  Let’s get started!  Call for your appointment:  804-815-1291!


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David Bartholomew




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Orthopedic Massage Specialist







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